Moving from Surrey to Toronto

Moving to Toronto

Whether you’re relocating to the other side of town or moving across Canada, hiring professional help can make all the difference in your experience. Packing your belongings, saying goodbye to friends, or leaving jobs and favorite restaurants can be intense.

Not only do you have to deal with the emotional side of everything, but there’s also the practical side. Is this box packed correctly? Do I need to protect my furniture better for temperature changes during the move? How do I make everything fit? Those are a few of the many questions you may have.

To make the transition smoother, especially when moving out of province, we recommend taking advantage of the services of a long-distance moving company.

You have enough to worry about regarding logistics only you can handle. We can’t find your new home, wrap up your paperwork, or set your kids up at their new school. We also can’t schedule your final goodbye’s, service your car for the long drive, or prepare you for the culture shock of a new area.

However, our team of long-distance movers in Surrey can make everything on your agenda easier to handle.

Let us pack your house and transport your belongings across the country. We can even store your items and take them to you later when you’ve got your new home prepared. Once you’re out of the house and on your way, our skilled employees will clean your house and donate belongings you leave behind. We are here to clear your mind of wrapping up the past and let you focus on the new beginning.

Living in Toronto

If you’ve decided to transition your life from Surrey to Toronto, you might be planning for extreme changes. For some, this is an exciting, desired change. For others, this might feel like an overwhelming drag.

Wherever you fall on the spectrum, Toronto has benefits for you.

Toronto has more restaurants and notable attractions. Even so, Toronto does not have big-city vibes. It also has more extreme temperatures than Surrey. With change comes great benefits.

The local agriculture in Toronto is some of the most varied in Canada. You’ll be able to eat delicious, local foods through most of the year. Even though it’s not available 24/7, you’ll find it worth waiting to consume seasonal foods at a reasonable mealtime.

Though Toronto has a much larger population, it still offers a more healthy city experience. It’s cleaner, there’s less pollution, and an overarching sense of calm pervades Toronto. We suspect you’ll find yourself enjoying this slower pace of life and your extra leisure time.

Another benefit of making Toronto home is access to the outdoors. Here, it’s easier to find yourself on a hiking trail or biking around town. Plus, with a slower pace of life, you’ll be able to enjoy new outdoor adventures.

The people you’ll meet are one of the final benefits to life in Toronto. They may not go anywhere fast – we think that’s a good thing – and won’t rush through life. These are the kind of people who sit to sip their coffee while enjoying the sunset. While it might take getting used to after spending days running fast around the big city with no one else acknowledging you, you might like the change.

Cost of Living

Big cities are expensive, no matter how you frame it. Housing costs more. Dining out is costly. All of the shows, museums, and attractions add up quickly within your monthly budget. Luckily, this isn’t true everywhere.

You’ll feel as if you’re living large when you compare your expenses of living in Toronto to Surrey. 

When you move to Toronto, you’ll most likely notice the more affordable costs of food first. That’s because of the considerable number of local farms and growers. When you don’t have to ship food as far, the price goes way down.

You’ll also be shocked at the difference in housing prices but in the other direction. Housing is more expensive in Toronto than Surrey, because of the large number of people wanting space. However, the lower cost of living elsewhere makes up for it.

The most notable part of living in Toronto is the opportunity to live truly. Unlike other places, you won’t be continuously working without enjoying the fruits of your labor. You’ll find yourself with time to slow down and enjoy your breakfast before work or spend your weekends outdoors, instead of at the office.